Holy week in Lanciano



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Location: Lanciano (CH)

The Holy week rites in the historic art cities of Abruzzo are held from Palm Sunday until the Tuesday after Easter. The rites in Lanciano are organised by the city’s four confraternities. The most characteristic day is Holy Thursday: starting at 10:00 pm, the ritual of the Tombs (common in many cities of southern Italy) is held together with a hooded procession, an event organised by the “San Filippo Neri Archconfraternity of Death and Prayer”. The members of the confraternity, completely covered in black hoods and robes, accompany one of their members chosen by the Prior to represent the Cyrenean, who carries a heavy cross barefoot through the streets of the old town. The entire procession takes place in torchlight, while the notes of the funeral march are interspersed with the sounds of tree frogs.