September in Lanciano



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Location: Lanciano (CH)

September is festival month in Lanciano, featuring the following major events:

Sant’Egidio (31 August)

August 31 is an ordinary day during the daytime, but at an interesting scene emerges at dusk. As if by magic, dozens of stalls appear, displaying thousands of toys of every type and variety. While the floodlight square is crowded with children, engaged couples flock to the trophies of large and small baskets, with bells of various sizes made from clay and other materials, on the stalls around the square. They each buy one, chosen from among thousands of every colour, shape and material, and offer it to their sweetheart. This exchange of gifts represents a confirmation of their pledge of love.

The Mastrogiurato (first Sunday of September)

This event is organised – from the last Sunday in August to the first Sunday of September – as a week of cultural events and entertainment and includes: two medieval-style dinners inspired by the Panarda (slow food), a medieval fair, taverns, concerts of ancient music, theatrical shows, street theatre, jugglers, knights and warriors, dancers, stilt walkers, falconry and flag-throwers, culminating in an impressive historical parade on the first Sunday of September. The solemn ceremony of investiture of the Mastrogiurato (a traditional town magistrate) is celebrated on this day, with a procession involving over 700 people in period costume – from several cities in Italy and abroad – along the same route that was used in ancient times, accompanied by expert flag-throwers from all over Italy.
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