Luar Apartment

  • DSC_1007

Room Description

The LUAR apartment is on the second floor and its name, which is Portuguese for “Moonlight”, gives an idea of the brightness of the rooms and the apartment’s main feature: a 360° view from the mountains to the sea.

The apartment perfectly combines the old structure of the house with modern furnishings and contrasting colours to provide a evocative atmosphere. It also has a terrace where you can enjoy a view of the landscape on one side and the village of Altino on the other.

The floor area of the apartment is 48 m2, with 35 m2 of interior space and 13 m2 of exterior space.

For more detailed information about the apartment, visit the Apartments pages.

* Prices can vary depending on the season and the number of guests. See the Prices & services page.

€50 € *Per night

Room Facilities

  • free Wi-Fi
  • washing machine
  • hair dryer
  • LCD TV
  • cookware, cutlery, dishes
  • oven
  • fridge and freezer
  • bathroom products